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Jasma Please

I've been biding time, working, drinking water, writing, crocheting and minding my business. Sometimes it's easier than others, but for the most part, I've been getting myself together as usual. Although, some days I truly have to plead with myself to stop the nonsense and stay focused. Luckily it's not too often that I hear my mind say, "Jasma Please, keep your eyes on the prize babe", I'm doing that as we speak.

Good Things Are Happening...

Beyoncé GKC has promptly dropped those concert dates on day one of Black History Month like the G that she is. Now everyone has registered everywhere, including other countries just to see the Queen Bey in all her Renaissance glory. I don't blame them either. I've been over here twirling my crystals that have been bathing in sun and moonlight for the past five years to manifest these tickets, but it seems that I too, may have to spend a speculative thousand of my personal dollars to parlay with a crowd of people at MetLife Stadium in late July. I need to figure out what I'm finna wear, but I will see you there.

Also, in case you haven't heard, Super Bowl LVII will be interfering with the Rihanna concert on Sunday, February 12th.

The Eagles will take on the Chiefs, but who cares, cause R I H A N N A! I don't usually like football nor to speculate (again), but I read that Rih may be doing a documentary on Apple TV as well. Either way, it's something to look forward to. I need a proper outfit to wear to the living room and of course it will be Savage X Fenty due to my monthly VIP membership (Blinks in HELP ME). Gotta figure out these snacks too.

In addition, it's A Q U A R I U S S E A S O N, my birthday month, my child's too and also a celebration of love. My favorite color is everywhere and on almost everything. My rose of choice stands tall, crimson and abundant in full bloom in shop windows all over town; especially in a city like New York. It's a time to order your lover's favorite things. Don't forget to add good chocolates, a teddy bear or simply a mesh teddy. Nevertheless, if you're like me and left in the lurch of love, it's a wonderful time to really center and love up on yourself. Treat you better than ever before or devise a plan to do it for the rest of the year or the rest of your life. To all my single shorties...this too shall pass. Until then, Gang Gang!

January was good to me. Really good. Even after an undesirable review, but I'd witnessed something like this before... So, although I wasn't thrilled, I figured out how to rein myself in and F O C U S on the bigger picture at hand. What did I want to accomplish in my lifetime? Not just at my current job. My mind still races with the endless possibilities. After all, I wasn't about to let someone else's opinion distract me, take me down an unnecessary road of worry, overwork me, nor make me feel less of myself to myself. In my mind, I had major things to do and it started way before I sat in that room. In fact, it started way before I ever worked in any corporate office. This all just requires focus and consistency and I can definitely do that.

My P U R P O S E in this life is so important to me and anytime I start making anything else a bigger priority, I pray that God makes me uncomfortable or very aware. If I can feel it, it means I'm alert and ready to move in the right direction. Honestly, that's all that really matters; moving in the right direction, being incredibly H A P P Y and fully secure.

I didn't even have a 2023 New Year's resolution. This year I'm going to continue the work I've already started. I did however, need a mantra to keep my momentum going; Something to keep me on track anytime I encountered a diversion or hindrance. In my opinion, Nike still has the best slogan and logo of all time. It's quick and to the point, "Just Do It" Nike check. They don't tell you when, what, where, why or how, but it sounds urgent and strong. Like, if you don't already have your shit together, you'd better start training for life even if you're only training for one season.

So, I started thinking about everything that I wanted to do and added "Just Do It" at the end.

- Start going to bed on time. "Just Do It"

- Take your vitamins. "Just Do It"

- Create your 2023 Bullet Journal. "Just Do It"

- Sign yourself up for writing contests. "Just Do It"

- Finish writing these stories one by one. "Just Do It"

- Continue organizing and decorating your apartment. "Just Do It"

- Make commitments to yourself and keep them. "Just Do It"

Let me tell you, that every time I have a "Just Do It" moment, something unexpectedly wonderful happens as a result of it. I think of bigger and better things to do and the reward usually comes right away. Even though the true reward is completing each task. I think it also has to do with my intentions. I'm so serious about my overall and individual intentions. I write them down everywhere and I try desperately to keep them in the forefront of my mind daily.

Let me share with you what I've been reading, watching and listening to:


Beloved Harlem was gifted to me years ago and only since getting rid of more than half of the books that I owned, was I able to realize that I wanted to read it right now. I'm all about short stories and this book shows me how the greats wrote epic ones. If you get the chance to get your hands on this book, devour it... even the stories from 1910 are highly relatable and easy to read. The collection spans more than a century and is both awe inspiring and heartwarming.

After brunch and a very enjoyable day party with The Panel, I snagged this book while laying around at Divine's house. She'd just finished it and wanted me to read it as well. Since I'm an island girl I figured it's only right to read a book called Black Cake. I will start it on my next vacation which is right around the corner.

On a day out, while rifling through other people's old belongings after dropping off my own, I found this little book. To be specific, I was in my friend, Joyce's consignment shop (Things I Like Back On the Rack) and this cute little hardcover book was sitting on a clean glass counter near a dish of peppermint candies and brooches. I was absolutely delighted to open it and see actual envelopes taped to some of the pages with letters inside them! Being allowed to read someone's letters and postcards still somehow felt forbidden and I wanted to read them out loud in true Jasma fashion. I settled for only reading one about how sick Griffin was of everything and everyone at that particular time. Plus, how could I say no when Joyce was going to let me borrow it. Borrow, because I went with a rule to only buy three things. I was there to drop off, not pick up. Either way after a little research, I realized that Griffin & Sabine is actually a trilogy. I'm getting the other two and when I'm done with them, I'm giving them to Joyce.


I have been talking about The 1619 Project for so long now... I think I mentioned it in at least two other blog posts. Once, for the New York Times publication written by Nikole Hannah-Jones and then again, for her Podcast The 1619 Project. This time, it's for the six part series on Hulu, The 1619 Project. Get a true education in American History (because Black History is in fact American History) and watch this docu-series about Democracy, Race, Music and Capitalism...Fear and Justice drop next Thursday. Do not miss it! Here's the trailer:

You People is available on Netflix. I'll be honest and say that it started off truly slow and nitpicky. However, I love a love story and i truly got into it after the halfway point. It was quite cute. For real. No sarcasm.

The White Lotus had me in a choke-hold. I did not know anything about it until the second season and thank God, because I loved every second of this binge. It was pure fuckery from beginning to end. If you have not heard of nor seen this series on HBO, scurry and be entertained. I will tell you nothing of what I've seen or heard until you do.

Speaking of second seasons, The Sex Lives Of College Girls came back just in time for me to get an idea of what my child may possibly be getting into while away at school. Only this has a very funny twist. I kid...I kid, but it is very funny. So, consider adding this to your personal queue.

Listen List

Nasir bin Olu Jones has done it once again... AGAIN!!! The minute the beat dropped on "Legit" (hold on - I'm gathering myself) I knew another classic was born. And ya know.... Ya know... It's a damn T R I L O G Y at this point and as my friend, Asha says, put some respect on my guy's name. Respect from the beginning. He will forever be relevant. He went crazy with King's Disease III... Thun (hard), Michael & Quincy (old school NYC - tell me nothing about these things), Hood2Hood (What more could you ask for? At this point you wish you were this nice with a mic. He's one of one), Recession Proof (Story time and pure information - move accordingly) and it goes on and on and on and on...

Reminisce, I'm On Fire, Once A Man, Twice A Child, GET LIGHT, First Time, Don't Shoot. I have tingles writing this...Just know he's a certified Winner and I love him. Always have and always will.

This song has become such fun to listen to at a moment's notice. It completely changes my mood in a split second. Players by Coi Leray is a girl group favorite. It's going on my Jiggety Me playlist.

I'm desperately trying to get out of my feelings to write this, but...

"(Last night I cried)

Gimmie a second, Gimmie a minute

Nah, lil bitch can't let you finish

Yeah, that's right I need commissions on mine

All that sauce you got from me

All that shit I gave for free

I want it back, want it back

This ain't no warning shot

'Case all you hoes forgot

know you been more than lost without me, I'm so

Coming back I'm so greasy

Ex-Nigga he so needy

Punk ass tried to replace me but the stakes is too high

They can't survive off mini-me's

I'm talking pedigree

Ain't no writer's, that's just me"

Miss!!! Miss stay out my head... When I tell you SZA went all the way off and snapped on SOS... If you don't know or you don't believe me start from track one and go all the way through to track twenty-three over and over again as needed. She's been at the tippie top of the charts for seven weeks now and it's not just because. She has us girls snatched like that tight little waist of hers.

Well friends, we've come to the end of another delightful blog post. Lemme see, what was I saying earlier... so, I can slip stitch this four page letter...oh yeah, Just Do It... You see Caresha (aka Yung Miami) up there as my first image, right?! I want to be enjoying this life as much as she seems to be right now. She's my inspiration. So, I used her picture. I hope she doesn't mind much. I also want to thank you for reading my blog. Not sure if I've said that before now. I'm gonna put y'all in my gratitude journal. Thank you for reading from the very beginning. Can you believe we've been friends since 2017?! I think that's incredible and I don't take this outlet for granted. I plan on doing everything this year. I hope you will too.

Lots of L O V E.



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4 commentaires

Calvin Thomas
Calvin Thomas
07 févr. 2023

Thanks Jas for this cool, informative(ya‘ put me on to some things here) and funny blog post! I enjoy them and your metaphors and imagery you have a knack for writing with. They always bring a warm smile at the very least! :) Looking forward to the next one!


Welfare Dad
Welfare Dad
06 févr. 2023

I can totally relate to how easy it is to procrastinate. I'm going to handle my business right after I watch the 1619 Project and listen to SZA.😁


❤️ this Jas!! I just read most of your blogs & I absolutely love them darling!! I will definitely finish the rest!! Luv u doing what u do!!! It's funny how something is always in our face but when someone applies it, it's notice! Just Do it!!! I will apply this every time I want to make an excuse for my procrastination!!! ❤️ u Jas darling!!!


04 févr. 2023

You’re Work is so Amazing!!!!

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