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16 And Beyond

I don't pretend to know how other mothers feel about their children, because I've only ever felt for you. I can truly say that I've been in a constant state of worry and elation since the moment you arrived. Happy that you were here, but worried that your locked stroller would roll onto the train tracks and touch the third rail at any given moment. It was so easy to take care of you while you were on the inside of me... an experience that no one had a clue about. Then, at 4:01 am sixteen years ago you arrived within fifteen minutes flat, with one eye open and a crooked smile. The happiest cry welled up in my throat and warmth swelled my heart. It still does. You were so handsome and so clean. I expected far worse.

I remember waiting patiently for you to wake up...

At first, to be changed and fed. You needed me.

Then over time, to run and fill an entire house with happiness, laughter and joy. You were the best boy.

Later on, to do many things that didn't include me and now it's so amazing to see you growing into a young man. For me, letting go has been the most difficult job as a mom.

If you are ever wondering, I think you are an incredibly awesome human. The perfect combination of kindness, humor, confidence (sometimes the lack there of, which makes you appear so regular), awareness, respect, humility, love and acceptance that I could only dream of possessing so easily. Maybe I was that way when I was younger, but you are a constant reminder to do things bigger and better daily.

Thank you for having faith in me as your mother and as someone that you look up to and trust. Thank you for being a trustworthy guy. You are everything I could have hoped for in a child. No matter where you are, if you feel down or alone I will be there and will do everything in my power to change that for you.

I've enjoyed the years of unlimited information. At four you learned the name, features and characteristics of every dinosaur and forced us to learn them too. You memorized some of your favorite books from cover to cover and tricked us into believing that you could read. Thank you for allowing me to go to school all over again with you and your yearly accomplishments. I pray that you are always a good student. Never stop being interested in art and sports. Do the things that make you most happy. Enjoy this life. Don't follow anyone else's plan. Make your own and follow your heart. The only expectations are the ones that you have for yourself. Don't forget to take the sugar and leave shit.

I love you more and more everyday...Here's to 16 and beyond. Happy Birthday McKyle.

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Feb 24, 2020

There’s so many tears with this one. Accurate depiction of her.


I love this, especially all of the photos! 🥰😍😍😍😍

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